Can You Put Parchment Paper In An Air Fryer? 

Your air fryer might be one of the most used appliances in your kitchen. It makes for quick and easy meals without half the mess that deep frying or plenty of pots and pans will do. If you are looking for little to no messiness, you might be wondering can you put parchment paper in an air fryer.

You can use parchment paper in an air fryer, but don’t heat the air fryer with just the paper in, as it will burn. To ensure you are using your air fryer safely, only add parchment paper with the food, as it should be weighed down by food and kept away from the heating element.

Because parchment paper has a grease proof and non-stick surface on both sides of the paper, using it in an air fryer basket will reduce the mess left behind in the basket and help that food does not stick to the basket. 

How Should You Use Parchment Paper In An Air Fryer? 

Depending on the brand, parchment paper has a heat resistance of between 400- and 450-degrees Fahrenheit, making it perfect to use in the basket of your air fryer. 

You should always ensure that you are using parchment paper and not wax paper or another form of non-heat proof/ greaseproof non-stick paper for safety reasons. 

You should also never put parchment paper in the basket without food on it; the paper can blow around in the air fryer, which can cause it to get stuck in the heating element and burn. 

Step 1: Getting The Correct Paper Size For The Air Fryer Basket.

Before preheating the air fryer, first measure out how big a piece of parchment paper you will need to fit the basket, you do not need to cut it out precisely, and it can be a tad smaller than the actual basket. 

Alternatively, you could buy air fryer parchment paper as they are already the correct size to fit the air fryer basket. It is generally sold in 50, 100, or 200 pieces. You can find it almost anywhere and with any specification.

Step 2: Preheating The Empty Air Fryer

Once you have the parchment paper ready, you can continue to preheat your air fryer to the desired heat setting. 

Step 3: Adding The Parchment Paper And Food To The Preheated Basket

Once your air fryer is ready, you can take out the basket, add the parchment paper and food on top of the paper, then place it back to the air fryer and enjoy the little to no mess it will make. 

Why Should You Use Parchment Paper In Your Air Fryer? 

Even though using an air fryer makes for fewer dishes and uncomplicated cooking, you can even add to your time by using parchment paper instead of cooking directly in your air fryer’s basket. 

Some manufacturers make the baskets of air fryers dishwasher friendly, while others are made from materials that will damage when placed in the dishwasher. Thus, using parchment paper will make the basket easier to clean. 

Sometimes you might also be cooking something that can become sticky to take out or even stuck to the basket. In these instances, using parchment paper can be a great tool to ensure that the food does not get stuck in the basket and still looks Instagram perfect.

Can Parchment Paper Go In The Oven?

Parchment paper is as safe in the oven as in an air fryer. Maybe a little safer since an oven does not have that much air blowing around in a small space as an air fryer does. 

As long as the temperature of your oven does not exceed the maximum heat as per the instructions, you can use it in a variety of baking or cooking experiences, and you would find amazing results.

Parchment paper is ideal for lining a cookie tray, a cake pan, cooking fish (yes, some cooking experts even wrap fish in parchment paper and then cook it in the oven). Or any other form of baking where you would traditionally need to grease the surface.

Can You Microwave Parchment Paper?

Since we already know that parchment paper is heat resistant, you might also wonder if that heat extends to the microwave too.

The good news is it does. Parchment paper is safe to use in a microwave, bearing in mind a few things. 

If you want to use parchment paper for cooking something fatty in the microwave, the fat can heat up to exceed the maximum heat resistance of the paper, causing it to take flame. 

Its best to not cook fatty foods, such as bacon or hamburgers, in a microwave.

However, heating food is a different story, and giving the bacon a minute or two in the microwave to heat up would not generate nearly as much heat as cooking it would. 

Another precaution when using parchment paper in a microwave is that the paper can get extremely hot to touch with your hand, and it might burn you.

So always make sure you are using oven mitts when handling parchment paper after it comes from the microwave. 

Is Parchment Paper The Same As Butcher Paper

Parchment paper and butcher paper are not the same paper. While parchment paper is a non-stick greaseproof, heat-resistant paper that is almost slippery smooth on both sides.

Butcher paper is a white or brown paper that originated from kraft pulp.

It is durable and resilient to tearing and can withstand moisture, especially those connected to raw meat, better than that parchment paper. 

Although both papers handle moisture quite well, you cannot substitute butcher paper for parchment paper as it would burn and ruin the food, and it would be inconvenient to replace parchment paper for butcher paper.

In addition, the paper might be too slippery to hold the meat and not absorb enough moisture. 

Butcher paper is also explicitly approved by the FDA for something that can be in direct contact with food. 

Can You Reuse Parchment Paper?

Technically, you can reuse parchment paper under the right circumstances, but you should not reuse parchment paper if one of the following has happened. 

  1. The parchment paper has become overly greasy, messy, or wet
  2. The parchment paper has some food or fat left on it that might burn the second time around.
  3. You cooked something at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for a prolonged time.
  4. The parchment paper has become a dark brownish color and is brittle. 

If you baked a batch of cookies and the parchment paper is still fine, you can go ahead and reuse it until the moment it becomes brittle, use a new piece of parchment paper. It is better to use it than to have it take flame.


Parchment paper is an excellent tool in the kitchen.

Especially when it comes to those delicious sticky chicken wings you will make in an air fryer.

Using parchment paper is safe to use in an air fryer and gives you peace of mind.