Frigidaire EFIC452-SS Portable Countertop Ice Maker Review

When you’re hosting a party, and you need to put the drinks on ice, it would seem the perfect solution is to own an ice maker.

That way you get ice on demand, without having to take a trip to the store, and without having to wait for your freezer to create it.

But, all ice makers are not created equal – some are better than others. In this article we’re going to look very closely at the Frigidaire EFIC452-SS Ice Maker, and examine whether it’s worth the money.

We will wrap up with a brief conclusion at the end of the article, at which point you will be able to decide whether the Frigidaire EFIC452-SS Ice Maker is for you.

Please feel free to scroll ahead to any section that catches your interest. 

Frigidaire EFIC452-SS Ice Maker

Frigidaire EFIC452-SSBLACK XL Maker, Makes 40 Lbs. of Clear Square Ice Cubes A Day, Black Stainless

Now, there’s no doubt that Frigidaire is a big name brand, but their product range is very wide, which makes you wonder whether they give their ice makers their full attention, when they have so many other products to sell.

That said brands with such a reputation do have to live up to their name. And as such, we’re not expecting to find too much at fault with this model in relation to the brand’s competition.

Aesthetic & Dimensions

The Frigidaire EFIC452-SS Ice Maker looks particularly smart and sleek, and even the black version has a very nice sheen to it.

But, unlike refrigerator based ice making machines, you’re going to have to find room for it in your home, presumably in the kitchen or dining area, perhaps on a kitchen countertop.

So it’s not just aesthetics that’s important, but also whether you have room for it, bearing in mind the product’s dimensions.

Here, we’re reviewing the extra-large version, which measures 14 by 11 by 15 inches, so it’s sizable but not too big – approximately the same size as a standard air fryer.

It’s also worth noting at this point that it’s also available in two other color options besides black, namely Red Steel, which is significantly cheaper than the black version, or stainless steel, which is even cheaper again. (Don’t know why!)

Ice Production Capability

And now for the crux of the matter – the machine’s ice production capability.

How Much Ice It Can Make

The product description boasts that the machine can produce up to a whopping 40 pounds of ice cubes over the course of a day.

This is much more ice than most other countertop ice makers produce, which is closer to 26 pounds in one day.

So it certainly sounds impressive so far.

But who needs that much ice in one go anyway? And what if you need ice cubes fast?How the machine actually works is that it makes batches of ice cubes at a time. On its default size settings, it will make a batch of 24 ice cubes every 15 minutes.

Super convenient when you’re preparing to host a party.

The Shape Of The Ice

One of the best things about this machine is that rather than produce hollow bullet shaped ice cubes like most other countertop ice machines do, these ice cubes are full solid cubes.

And what’s great about this is that it means the ice will last longer and not melt as quickly as the ice produced by its counterparts.


We also love the fact that you can change the size of the ice cubes.

This is very easy to do, all you have to do is increase or decrease the batch making time…The longer each batch is left in, the thicker and bigger the ice cubes will be.

Whereas, if you were to leave a batch in for a shorter time, you get smaller ice cubes.


The water reservoir capacity comes in at around 2.3 liters, and the basket of ice can hold approximately 2.4 pounds of the default size ice cubes.

Ease Of Use

The Frigidaire EFIC452-SS Ice Maker is easy to use with a very intuitive control panel and LCD display.

There are just 4 buttons to be concerned about, the on/off button, the timer, and two buttons to increase or decrease the batch cycle time in one minute increments.

And, as we mentioned earlier, this affects the size of the ice cubes produced.

The LCD display gives you a whole host of information on the process, including ice cube settings, temperature, and when required also provides warnings.

Special Features

If you have a lot of ice to make, you can make use of the machine’s timer feature. You simply set when you want the machine to start and for how long you want it to make ice for.

We also love that it has special sensors which can detect when the water reservoir is empty, and prompt you to supply more water via the LCD display.

Similarly, there’s also sensors in place to tell you when the ice bucket is full, so you can empty it out and dispense in your drinks.

What Other People Say About It

We’re pleased to report that the Frigidaire EFIC452-SS Ice Maker is typically met with very favorable customer ratings and reviews.

On Amazon for example, after well over 1,700 individual customer ratings, the average customer rating still comes out at a very impressive 4 and a half stars out of 5, with more than 70% of customers giving it a full 5-star rating.

On Walmart, the average customer rating comes out at 4 stars, even after well over 400 individual customer ratings, with more than 50% of customers giving it a full 5 stars out of 5.

On, it has also had positive reviews overall. But there haven’t been a whole lot of reviews there just yet, so we won’t quote figures in case the average rating changes.

On, it has also had positive reviews overall. But there haven’t been a lot of reviews in there just yet, so we won’t quote figures in case the average rating changes.

Value For Money

How The Price Compares To Other Models

Countertop ice makers tend to vary in price between as little as $90 if you catch a deal, and as much as $150.

Although, you can also get countertop ice makers that cost as much as a whopping $500.

The price of the Frigidaire EFIC452-SS Ice Maker falls outside the modal range of typical countertop ice makers, and you can expect to pay closer to $170 or even $300, depending on what color you go for or what retailer you buy from.

But you have to weigh that up against the benefits you get, which are undoubtedly greater than those of other models. Even against other models in Frigidaire’s own ranges.

How The Color Affects The Price

As we mentioned earlier, different color options of this machine are available at different prices, even when you’re buying from the same retailer.

It’s clearly a sign that the manufacturer’s feel like they can charge whatever they like, and people will still buy.

So if you’re interested in buying the machine, you could save yourself a whole lot of money simply by buying the stainless-steel version or the red version rather than the plain black one.

Pros And Cons


  • It can make a whopping 40 pounds of ice in 24 hours
  • You can adjust the size of the ice cubes
  • You get genuine cubes of solid ice and not hollow bullets
  • You only have to wait 15 minutes for a batch of 24 ice cubes
  • Let’s you know when the water reservoir is empty
  • Let’s you know when the ice bucket is full
  • It’s had very positive customer ratings and reviews on the whole across the board


  • The ice cubes often come out as a single sheet of ice cubes that you have to break apart.
  • Believe it or not, this ice maker is not refrigerated. And this means that if you leave the ice inside the ice basket, the cubes will gradually melt away.
  • You get seriously overcharged if you buy a black one
  • It costs more than most other countertop ice makers on the market at the moment 

Wrap Up And Conclusion

So, the Frigidaire EFIC452-SS is a great ice maker to get, provided you have the budget for it.

It can make a whole lot of ice in a short period of time, you get proper solid ice cubes, and you can easily adjust the size of the ice cubes that it makes.

If you intend to use the machine on a frequent basis, for parties and such, you could argue that it’s good value for money, even though there are cheaper models out there.

If you like the sound of the Frigidaire brand but want to find out what else they have in the way of ice makers, please check out our other article titled “FRIGIDAIRE EFIC189 Ice Maker Review” which is available on this link.