How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Ice Maker?

A functioning ice maker can be a real luxury, especially on extremely hot summer days when all you’re craving is a refreshing ice-cold glass of your favorite drink.

That being said, there’s probably nothing more disheartening than placing your cup underneath your ice maker only for it to malfunction and not dispense any ice.

If you use an ice maker on a daily basis, it’s a good idea to routinely check your product to keep it looking good, and operating smoothly.

But, like anything else in life, sometimes things can go wrong.

And before you jump the gun and purchase a completely new ice maker, it might be in your best interest to consult a professional.

Not only will they have the knowledge to pinpoint exactly what is going wrong, but they can advise you to either replace a specific part of your machine, or replace the whole thing.

In this article, we’ll break down the average costs of individual ice maker repairs and the overall cost of replacing your product, so that you can be prepared for the next time a heatwave hits!

What Is An Ice Maker?

An ice maker is an appliance that helps you to make a large amount of ice from your own kitchen. You can find ice makers built in to your refrigerator, or simply as stand-alone products.

Usually, these products have a life span between 3 and 10 years, but this depends on the way you choose to maintain it.

You may find that most fridge freezers come with ice makers.

Not only does this help to prevent cluttered appliances in your kitchen, but it creates ice efficiently as you can retrieve it directly from the freezer.

Unfortunately, these can be more difficult (and more expensive) to repair than portable ice makers. However, it isn’t impossible to do so!

When To Replace Your Ice Maker

So, you may now be wondering whether it’s worth replacing parts of your ice maker or purchasing a new one. Replacing your ice maker will largely depend on the following issues:

  • The fault that has occurred
  • Where you are based
  • The cost of each individual part
  • The type of fridge freezer that you own
  • Cost of labor in your area

It may be in your best interest to get the opinion of a qualified refrigerator repair technician.

This will help you to identify the problem, so you will know whether you can replace certain parts, or need to purchase an entirely new replacement ice maker.

Really, you don’t want to spend a couple of hundred bucks on a part only to find out it didn’t solve your problem!

How Much Does It Cost to Replace An Ice Maker?

Ice maker replacements are relatively easy to come by. They simply consist of the cost of replacement parts and labor.

Therefore, you may be wondering just how much it actually costs to replace an ice maker.

And while there isn’t one particular answer, on average, you can expect to spend up to $370 to completely replace your ice maker.

Including installation fees, you could pay around $420. Considering that the average initial fridge installation costs $1,500, replacing parts of your current ice maker may be a much more cost-effective method than starting from scratch!

Closeup of ice maker machine with ice cubes

A Cost Breakdown Of Individual Parts

However, it can be quite expensive to replace an ice maker.

But you may find that in some situations you only need to replace one particular part of your machine, which may be more cost-effective (if you don’t take additional labor costs into consideration, that is).

There are several parts of an ice maker that work to dispense ice for your preferred cold drink.

But if you use the machine daily, there’s a huge risk of the parts becoming damaged and breaking over time.

Therefore, you might find that you have to replace one or two parts multiple times to keep your ice maker working.

Driver Blade

Allows the ice to travel from the machine and directly into your cup.

They can become dull over time and could even prevent ice from being properly dispensed!

A single driver blade will set you back around $30, but overall replacement costs (including labor and parts) may average anywhere between $75 and $150.


Consistently replacing the filter in your ice maker every few months will help to maintain its quality.

A replacement filter could cost you anywhere from $10 to $200, depending on the exact requirements of your ice maker.

Fill Tube

The fill tube moves the water straight from the supply line into the ice maker itself.

A lot of pressure is put onto this tube, meaning it can sometimes crack. However, this is a relatively easy part to replace, with the average cost of unit replacement ranging between $20-$40.

Replacement costs for both the labor and the part itself means you’ll be spending anywhere from $75 to $125.


One of the most vital parts of an ice maker is its motor. Therefore, it is also one of the most expensive parts that may need to be replaced.

Typically, this part will set you back approximately $100 or $150. After factoring in labor costs as well, replacing it altogether will cost you upwards of $400.

Water Valve

This controls the flow and volume of water that passes through your ice maker.

The water valve can be temperamental and cause leaks, so you must watch out for any signs of weakness.

A new valve could set you back $20, but replacing it fully will cost you $75 to $175 with the added cost of labor.

You may also need to consider replacing parts of your ice maker if other problems arise that largely interfere with the functionality of the ice maker.

This could include the presence of mold or leakages. But if you keep on top of its maintenance, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll need to replace your ice maker!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Ice Makers Last?

Ice makers are quite durable, and can generally last anywhere from three to ten years.

How Do You Know If Your Ice Maker Is Broken?

You will have trouble accessing the water supply through the machine.

To put it simply, no ice will be produced.

This is when you should turn your attention to each individual part to see if everything is working correctly.

What Causes Ice Makers To Stop Working?

There are several key reasons why your ice maker may cease to function correctly.

However, the main reason an ice maker may stop working is to do with frozen water in the pipes.

It all just depends on the individual factors of your product.


In certain circumstances, it may be easier for you to completely replace your ice maker rather than replace individual parts.

This is because the part and additional labor costs can make quite the dent in your wallet.

You can expect to pay upwards of $370 to completely replace your ice maker, although this does depend on the type of refrigerator that you own.

This also may not account for any labor costs if you choose to have professional installation.

To summarize: if you are looking to replace certain parts, you will most likely be spending anywhere from $10-$300.

This is entirely dependent on the particular part you need.

In addition, you can expect to pay up to $150 per hour to enlist the help of a professional refrigerator repair specialist.

Overall, it may be that simply replacing the broken parts of your ice maker is the most cost-effective way of restoring it to its former glory.

The parts themselves are relatively inexpensive, but added labor costs could make the price skyrocket.