How To Reheat Pad Thai

Pad Thai tastes at its best when freshly cooked, but the portions can sometimes be too much for one sitting. Are you wondering how to reheat Pad Thai while preserving its delicious taste? 

You can reheat Pad Thai by either placing it into your oven, microwave, or stovetop. When you reheat your Pad Thai using any one of these three methods and following the easy and quick steps correctly, it is sure to taste just as good as it did before!

The process of reheating Pad Thai is seen as relatively easy. Stay reading to find out exactly how you can reheat your Pad Thai without compromising its delicious flavor!

Reheating Your Pad Thai On The Stovetop

Reheating Pad Thai on the stovetop is one of the best ways to reheat it while getting those flavors you fell in love with the first time tasting it! 

It is also one of the quickest ways compared to the other heating methods. It is advised to use a wok dish because it heats perfectly and keeps the vegetable’s original moisture. If you do not own a wok dish, don’t panic! 

You can use a plain pan to fry your eggs or bacon! Below you will find the easy steps you can follow to reheat Pad Thai on the stovetop:

Step 1: Preheat Some Oil In Your Wok/Pan

As mentioned, it would ultimately benefit you to use a wok pan; however, it is okay if you do not own one. Put olive oil in your chosen pan and let it heat up. Note that you will need so much oil that the dish will not stick to the pan, but not too much, as it could become too greasy. 

Step 2: Place Your Pad Thai Into The Pan And Stir Continuously

Place your Pat Thai in the heated pan. Constantly toss the dish to distribute the oil evenly. Continue heating and tossing so that it doesn’t stick to the pan. When the dish is evenly heated, take it out of the pan and serve immediately. 

Reheating Your Pad Thai In The Microwave

When you decide to reheat your Pad Thai in the microwave, there is no way you can be assured that it is a faster method than reheating it on the stove. 

You will need a microwavable bowl with a matching lid for this method. It may take your Pad Thai a few minutes to heat up, depending on the type of microwave. 

This method is ideal if you do not have a pan or wok in your home, and it will ultimately give you the same results and does not compromise the texture or flavor in any way. 

Step 1: Place Your Pad Thai In A Microwave-Safe Dish

First, ensure that you choose a microwavable bowl suitable for the amount of Pad Thai you want to reheat.

Step 2: Add Water

You need to add at least one tablespoon of water in the middle of your Pad Thai. A bit of water will help your dish evaporate and not dry out your ingredients, such as the vegetables.

Step 3: Cover Your Container

Cover your container with the Pad Thai with plastic cling wrap and poke a few holes so that the air will be able to escape into the microwave.

Step 4: Nuke For 90 Seconds

When you have done your preparations, place your Pad Thai into your microwave. Turn the microwave knobs and heat the Pad Thai for 90 seconds. 

Ninety seconds should be the perfect amount of time for everything to be evenly heated without being dried out. Take it out and serve immediately. 

If you feel that your dish is still a little on the colder side, you can heat it for 10 seconds at a time until you have reached your desired temperature!

Reheating Your Pad Thai In The Oven

Many advantages go along with heating your Pad Thai in the oven. The only disadvantage would be that you can heat much larger quantities at once in the microwave than you would in the oven. 

So, if you have a pan or a microwave, it would be better for you to reheat your Pad Thai using the first two methods. 

However, if you do not have any other choice, here is the method to heating your Pad Thai in the oven:

Step 1: Set Your Oven To Preheat At 350 Degrees

Preheating your own is always the first step when reheating any dish. The preheating process will take a few minutes, so you can prepare your Pad Thai for reheating during this time.

Step 2: Put Your Pad Thai Into A Bowl With Oil, And Cover 

After your oven has successfully preheated, place the Pad Thai in the dish; you want to reheat and distribute evenly across the dish. Add a little oil, and stir it thoroughly. Cover the bowl with aluminum foil.

Step 3: Let It Heat For 15 Minutes

Put your dish in the oven and let it heat for 15 minutes without opening it. Reheating your Pad Thai in the oven is the slowest method, so you will need to have some extra time and patience. 

Be cautious when taking the dish out of the oven, as you may get burned when your skin comes into contact with the heated dish or foil. Serve immediately. 


Pad thai is a dish that you can heat quickly if you know the correct methods and follow the easy steps. With that being said, there is no need to worry if you have some leftovers after lunch or dinner. You can quickly heat it on either your stovetop, microwave, or oven. 

All these useful methods will assure you to get the best flavor out of your Pad Thai, making it taste just like it did when you bought it fresh. The oven method takes up the most time, so it would be good to consider the other methods if you are pressed for time!