IGLOO Portable Countertop Ice Maker Review

In order to create a truly refreshing drink during the summer months, arguably one of the most important elements is ice.

Ice helps to retain a drink’s coolness straight out of the refrigerator and naturally melts away as water into your drink.

The trouble is, creating your own ice at home can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming.

You can use things like ice cube trays, but then you have the messy business of transporting flimsy plastic filled with water into the freezer.

As well as this, you may not even have much freezer space, so making ice in your freezer is totally out of the question.

Buying is also only ever a short-term solution. If you are hosting a one-off summer event, then one bag of ice cubes might do you well (though you will still need the freezer space).

However, if you want ice cubes all year round with little fuss and effort, and without having to create excess space in your freezer, then look no further than the Igloo Ice Maker. T

oday we will discuss in-depth the benefits and drawbacks of the Igloo Ice Maker so that you can buy yours with complete confidence! 

IGLOO Ice Maker

Igloo 26-lb Automatic Electric Countertop Ice Maker - 9 Cubes in 7 Mins, With Scoop and Basket

Once you have ordered your Igloo Ice Maker you can expect it to arrive with all of the necessary components to get you started.

Included within your package will be the ice maker itself, which stands at about 9.6 x 14.7 inches, and comes in a range of aqua blue, black, or red color variants.

Also included with the package will be an ice scoop, which can pick up a fair number of ice cubes at a time, so you can easily fill a high number of glasses in a short time.

You will also receive a basket that sits inside of the ice maker to collect each individual ice cube, to make them easy to transport from the machine to wherever you need them.

To get started, simply place the machine onto your counterpart, and power it on, by connecting it to your nearest AC port.

The machine requires no installation, which makes it easy to set up, and easy to store in between uses.

How Easy Is The Igloo Ice Maker to Use?

The Igloo Ice Maker features a very simple and easy-to-understand design that features very few moving parts, which makes it easy to use right from the start.

Very little setup is required, and the system does not need to be constructed or put together for use.

The only extra moving parts you really have to worry about are the basket and scoop.

The system is easy to control throughout the ice-making process and allows you to keep track of every step to ensure that you get the perfect ice every time.

Start by plugging the machine in and then adding water to it, by lifting up the clear lid.

The machine can create up to 26 pounds of ice over a 24 hour period, so make sure to fill it up sufficiently to really get the most out of it. 

From here, simply all you need to do is choose a size for your ice, using the select button, and then power it on.

Built-in light indicators on the top of the machine will warn you when your ice is finished, or when you can add more water safely.

The machine can easily create big or small ice cubes in as few as 7 minutes, so if you find you need a bit more ice than you expected, you won’t have to wait around long.

This is also far quicker than using an ice tray in your freezer, which can take significantly longer to fully freeze all of the ice you want.

Is The Igloo Ice Maker Loud?

The Igloo Ice Maker is incredibly quiet for a machine that is able to pump out high-quality ice cubes in mere minutes.

This makes it perfect for families who may want minimal noise production, or really just about anyone who doesn’t want to put up with the sound of a machine whirring away all day!

How Is The Ice Produced By The Igloo Ice Maker?

The ice produced by the machine is of high quality, featuring a distinct ring shape that allows the ice to far more effectively cool down your drinks.

The ice also does not have any strange tastes or odors that other ice makers may create, thanks to the high-quality materials used in its construction.

The ice can vary in size depending on what size you want, either large or small, which makes the machine perfect for filling a large number of glasses that may vary in size.

The ice basket inside of the machine that collects each cube can carry up to 2 pounds at a time, which makes it perfect for frequently topping up glasses with fresh ice to ensure drinks remain cool all day long.

How Efficient Is The Igloo Ice Maker?

Perhaps one of the best things about the Igloo Ice Maker is its ability to make the process of creating ice simple and efficient.

You won’t have to spend time worrying about your ice, or constantly checking up on it to make sure it’s being created properly, and you can simply enjoy the event that you are hosting, or put your feet up in the sunshine!

The machine communicates its needs efficiently, through the use of the light indicators, that communicate when a batch of ice is ready, and when more water needs to be added.

This saves you a lot of guesswork and means you won’t risk overloading the machine with water.

The Igloo Ice Worker can take on the difficult work of creating quality ice cubes and does so in mere minutes, which, again, helps you to relax and take it easy.

All you need to do is keep glasses topped up with fresh ice!The Igloo Ice Maker also uses very little power and makes good use of all of it throughout the process of making ice.

The machine operates optimally at all times, creating very little noise, and effectively controlling its temperature thanks to the small vents on the side.

How Expensive Is The Igloo Ice Maker?

The Igloo Ice Maker has a very competitive price that sits comfortably towards the mid-range amongst its competitors.

Its price can vary slightly depending on the color of the model that you choose, but this price difference is very negligible.

In terms of features that the machine can offer, including fast ice making and noiseless operation, the Igloo Ice Maker’s price is reflective and fair, allowing you great ice making for a very low price.

If you plan to use your Igloo Ice Maker frequently it can save you, not only freezer space, but also a great deal of money that might otherwise have been spent on buying ice cubes directly from your nearest grocery store.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to set up, use, and store away, right from the very first usage.
  • Quiet operation sound means it won’t be disturbing any parties or keeping your family awake at night.
  • Can produce an incredibly high yield of ice per day, to allow you to keep multiple guests happy if you were to use it to host a social event.


  • Ice that is placed on the ice tray is not kept frozen, and, if left unattended, can melt back into the water supply. Luckily this melted water will just be used again to create new ice.
  • The ice can occasionally be rather wet and is best used right away, so as to get the best effect.

IGLOO Ice Maker – FAQ’s

Should You Turn Off Your Ice Maker?

Ice makers are built to operate perpetually to provide you with a constant stream of ice. Thus, if you were to turn it off while it is creating ice, the ice would simply melt away, and no more ice would be produced.

If you need a large ice yield it is best to keep the machine powered on at all times and keep it in a place where it will not come unplugged or otherwise face damage.

When not in use, you should definitely make sure to turn off your ice maker, as that would create a high degree of wasted energy.

How Often Should You Empty Ice Maker?

In order to keep your ice maker operating optimally, you will want to aim to give it a full clean around every six months.

This is so as to keep the machine operating at its best, without risk of faults or breakdowns, and to ensure that no mold develops where water might become trapped.

Final Thoughts On The Igloo Ice Maker

The Igloo Ice Maker makes constant supplies of ice an absolute breeze. You can simply fill the machine with a good amount of water, and let it get to work.

The simple and communicative interface allows you to be in full control of the machine at all times and allows you to choose between two distinct sizes of ice, to best suit different beverage sizes.

The machine will operate quietly, and with little fuss, and even look great when kept on your kitchen counter, thanks to its aqua blue color design.

If you don’t want the machine out when not in use, then it can easily be stored away thanks to its portable design.

Make sure to keep on top of the water supply when using it to get a good yield of ice, and be sure to get your ice out as soon as it is ready, as, unfortunately, the machine does not keep ice cubes cooled when they enter the ice basket.