NOVETE Portable Countertop Ice Maker Review

There is nothing more annoying than craving a cool drink on a hot summer’s day but you are all out of ice.

Or maybe you are trying to make ice in your freezer but it is taking hours and hours to freeze properly.

Perhaps you do not have a freezer that is able to make ice, which is common in the smaller fridges and freezer combos as these are cheaper and also space savers.

So where are you supposed to get your ice from? This answer is from portable ice makers of course!

Small countertop ice makers are becoming a very popular product in people’s kitchens, as they are able to produce ice incredibly quickly with minimal effort on your part.

This makes them great for providing a lot of ice for large parties or gatherings.

But with so many on the market right now knowing which one to choose can be a struggle.

Each one will have either own benefits and drawbacks, and may only be suitable for certain situations or events.

That is why today we are reviewing the NOVETE Portable Ice Maker for Countertops, to see if this is the right product for you.

We will be explaining and examining all the important features of this ice maker, and giving you some overall pros and cons of the machine as well.

At the end of the review, we have also written a short buyers guide, so you can see what you need to look out for when buying your very first ice maker.

Read on to find out everything about the NOVETE Portable Ice Maker for Countertops.  

NOVETE Portable Ice Maker for Countertops

Portable Ice Maker for Countertops, Ice Ready in 6 Minutes, 28.7 lb Ice in 24 Hours, No Water Line or Drain Line Required, Home Ice Machine with Ice Scoop and Basket

The NOVETE Countertop Ice Maker is a small and portable appliance that can make 28.7 pounds of ice per day and 9 cubes every 6 minutes.

It has an ice basket and an ice scoop for transferring ice to the freezer or into mixed drinks.

The Ice

The type of ice that an ice machine makes and how quickly it is able to do this is the biggest selling point of any of these machines.

The NOVETE machine is only able to produce bullet-type ice, but it is able to make a lot of ice very quickly.

When first turned on, it will make 9 ice cubes in just 6 minutes, which is much faster than other machines on the market right now. Some larger machines take up to 10 minutes to get going. 

The daily capacity of 28.7 pounds (13 kilograms) is enough ice cubes to fill 100 cups of cold beverages.

The ice cubes are pretty hard, melting slowly and not sticking together as much as usual While this is an odd selling point, if you are someone who prefers chewing on ice rather than having it in your drinks, this machine makes the idea ice for you.

Though this machine only makes one size of ice cube, the bullet shape of them means that they can perfectly fit in bottles.

If you want to add ice to your bottle of beer, or if you are going out on a hot day and want to take some cool water with you, this may be the machine for you.

Energy Efficient

How energy effect an ice maker is may not cross your mind when you are purchasing one, but as they run on electricity, using one a lot may make your bills go up.

With the NOVETE ice maker though, you will be getting as much ice as possible with very little energy.

This countertop ice maker, which uses R600a/0.8 oz refrigerant, chills quickly and requires only 1 kWh of electricity in 10 hours, which is 40% less than standard ice makers.

It also has an aluminum fin condenser with a built-in cooling fan that provides for better heat dispersion and thermal efficiency.

Essentially this means that the machine will not be using a lot of energy in cooling itself down, meaning that you save even more on power.


This is a factor that you will have to consider when buying an ice maker.

Often, ice machines can be pretty loud, which is very annoying, especially if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen where the machine will be.

Luckily, the NOVETE comes with a built-in spoiler, which reduces noise down to just 43 decibels.

This is whisper-quiet, so you can guarantee that you and your family will hardly even notice that it is there.

Easy To Use

Like all good ice machines, this one is super easy to use.

It features a user-friendly LED-backlit display that includes basic buttons.

Simply add water to the 1.85 liter (62.6 ounces) reservoir, turn on the ice maker, and wait for 9 ice cubes to form.

The ice cube size is standard as there is no ice selection option on this model, and one basket of ice (800 grams or 28.2 ounces) can make up to seven refreshing beverages.

One thing to note is that because you simply add water and clean it with the included drain plug at the bottom, you cannot connect the NOVETE Portable Countertop Ice Maker to the water or drain line.

When taking out the drain plug you should do it over a sink so you don’t get water everywhere.

Smart Monitoring

This ice maker features an infrared light-receiving diode that flashes a light to indicate “ICE FULL” and “ADD WATER,”.

It also features an upgraded cyclopentane thicker foam layer that effectively isolates external heat and allows it to hold ice cubes for up to 8 hours.

If you want your ice to taste fresher though, we recommend moving the cubes to a freezer and storing them there instead.


This ice maker is made with a premium ABS housing that provides long-lasting durability and is easy to clean.

At only 12 x 9 x 13 inches, this machine is small and compact, allowing it to blend seamlessly into any kitchen countertop.

A large transparent window allows you to check the ice level and monitor the ice-making process.


The NOVETE ice maker is an ideal beginner ice maker or is perfect for those who just want a simple machine.

While it does not have all of the extra features that higher-end ice makers have, this machine proves that you don’t need a fancy machine to make high-quality ice.

Pros and Cons


  • Very quiet – the NOVETE ice machine is whisper-quiet, so it won’t be noticeable when turned on
  • Easy to use – thanks to its simple interface, learning how to use this machine will only take a few minutes
  • Super energy efficient – this is one of the standout features, as almost every other ice machine uses more energy in its ice-making process.


  • Kind of small – you will have to empty the ice bucket often as there is not a lot of room to store ice in the machine itself

NOVETE Ice Maker Buying Guide

Here are all the important features you need to look out for when buying an ice maker.


The majority of ice cubes that ice machines make aren’t really cubes!

These machines make ice cubes in a variety of shapes, so it’s important figuring out which one you favor.

The sort of ice you get will affect how well it floats in drinks and how quickly it melts.

The most common form of machine is the nugget ice maker, which produces soft, chewy cubes in small or big sizes.

Ice Storage

It’s crucial to know how much ice the storage bin can hold.

The appliance will stop making ice once the ice bin is full.

Consider how much ice you’ll require at any given time and select an appliance that can accommodate your needs.

It’s also a good idea to use an insulated storage pan to keep the ice cooler for longer.


Expect a small device because these machines aren’t designed to be very large.

It’s still a good idea to double-check that the size of your chosen model will fit in the space you have available.

If you want it to fit under wall units, make sure to check the height. This is especially crucial if you want to use it in an RV or a boat.


One of the biggest advantages of these products is their ability to quickly make ice.

It will say in the product description that it can make a specific volume of ice in a certain length of time.

Some models take up to ten minutes to make each batch of ice, but the top ones can do so in as little as six minutes.


Although many of these items are constructed of stainless steel, they are nevertheless very lightweight.

You should be able to move them around because they are designed to be portable.

Check the weight to ensure you’ll be able to take it out into the garden if necessary.