What Do Scallops Taste Like?

Scallops are a mollusk type of seafood known for their mild sweet taste and soft texture. They are delicious protein-packed with many nutrients and can be cooked in several ways. Scallops are a highly prized seafood cuisine in many parts of the world. So what do scallops taste like?

Scallops taste very similar to oysters and clams. They have a pleasant sweetness that lobsters and crabs have. Scallops taste sweet, but they also have a nutty flavor, like almonds. Scallops have a velvety texture on the tongue unless overcooked, then they taste rubbery. 

Scallops are a favorite for many people, especially when prepared well. However, what happens when you buy scallops to eat in the future? Can scallops be frozen, defrosted, and still taste yummy? Here is some information to let you in on all you need to know about what scallops are and how they can be stored and thawed.

What Are Scallops?

Considered one of the healthiest and tastiest seafood that one can eat, scallops are marine bivalve mollusk that comes from the seafloor and can be found worldwide. They come from the family Pectinidae. As with all mollusk, scallops come in a shell, which is tightly shut when they are alive, almost like a clamshell.

Scallops are moist, soft, and fleshy. They are a little bit rosy, a little bit beige when raw, and after they are cooked perfectly, they are velvety and tender with a little bounce. There are generally two types of scallops, mainly sea scallops, which are larger, and bay scallops, which are smaller.   

They are active swimmers that use the muscle holding the two shells together to open and close the shell, which moves them quickly through the water. Scallops have up to 200 blue eyes along the edges of their shells that function like telescopes.

Scallops come either wet or dry. The difference between the two is that a wet scallop is injected with a chemical solution that helps to preserve it. Interestingly enough, although some countries consume all the meat in the scallop, some countries have limited the parts of the scallop that can be eaten.

There are two different types of meat that can be found inside a scallop: the white muscle and a red/orange part that is often discarded.


Now that you know what scallops are, you can have peace of mind when you eat them. Scallops taste amazing and don’t have to be eaten immediately, although that is preferable. They can be easily frozen, thawed, and still taste as good as ever.