What To Serve With Quiche?

There are so many versions of quiche. You can have them as main meals, side dishes, and snacks, and it is not limited to a specific time or season. It is always delicious and can be as healthy as you prefer. Quiche is generally quite filling, but you can’t always have it by itself, depending on how you serve it. So, what do you serve with quiche?  

Serve a quiche with fresh leafy green salads, proteins like bacon, sausages or cold cut meats, tomato soup, roasted potatoes, other veggies, sautéed mushrooms, and focaccia or garlic bread. Quiche goes deliciously with drinks like sparkling white wine, apple juice, iced teas, and citrus juices. 

There are several food options to serve with quiche.

Some go better than others, and many work for special occasions like Easter brunch or a specific mealtime.

We can look at the vast list of items to serve with quiche below. 

What Is Quiche Served With?

Quiche is a breakfast and brunch favorite in my household.

While the egg pie is hearty and filling by itself, sometimes you need something more.

Having quiche with something, in addition, helps create a blend of flavors, textures, and variety in your meals.

It also helps to have something extra when serving a few people. 

Here is a list of foods you can eat with quiche: 

Leafy green fresh salads: green salads are the perfect combination for quiche because they are light and fresh to pair with the hearty heaviness of egg and cheese. 

Fruits: it’s like adding fruits to your oats. The sweetness balances the flavor, and fruits add a refreshing touch: apples, berries, and citrus pair best with quiche. 

Tomato soup: soups typically go well with quiche, but you don’t want something that will compete for the main meal. Tomato soup is light and tangy, therefore balancing the flavor of the cheesy egg pie. 

Roasted potatoes: potatoes and other veggies roasted with olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper add a fantastic side to the quiche if you need something a little more filling or have some meat cuts in your quiche. 

Sauteed mushrooms: mushrooms are probably the most delicious paired with quiche because they go with anything – especially eggs. You may want to avoid mushrooms if you’ve added them into the quiche. 

Meat proteins: bacon and sausages and cold cut meats are best paired with quiche. You can even add cut-up pieces to the quiche itself. The protein adds texture and flavor and makes the meal heartier. 

Bread: you won’t necessarily need the bread to eat the quiche, but having some garlic bread or focaccia on the side with butter and jam adds a delicious balance in flavor. 

Drinks: white wines, sparkling apple juices, citrus juices, and iced teas are a great addition to quiche. Hot drinks like your typical tea and coffee with a brunch also work well with quiche. 

What Proteins To Serve With Quiche?

There are several proteins you can serve with quiche.

The most common would be cooked meats such as bacon and sausages.

They provide immense flavor and texture to the quiche while making the meal more filling.

It is ideal for breakfast, lunch, or supper. 

Cold cut meats are also excellent options for serving with quiche.

Whether you wrap them over dates, eat them on the side, or cut them up and sprinkle them on the quiche.

They also provide flavor and texture to your palette. 

What To Serve With Quiche For Easter Brunch?

Easter brunch can take on almost any breakfast and brunch-style foods.

Many people enjoy egg dishes, but since quiche is already filled with eggs and cheese, you want to try and balance the flavor with other items. 

Meats like bacon and sausage can work well with the quiche for Easter brunch.

]You can serve a light, fresh fruit salad as alternative flavors.

Bread such as focaccia with sweet jams also goes well at an easter brunch alongside quiche. 

The fantastic thing about a brunch is that you can serve hot drinks like coffee and tea, juices, and even a delicious sparkling white wine – all of which go well with quiche. 

Is Quiche Served Warm Or Cold?

It is not recommended to eat cold quiche even though it is safe.

The egg is not tasty when cold, so you want to warm up your quiche even if it is only a little bit.

The best way to serve quiche is fresh, out of the oven. 

If you are serving premade quiche from the fridge or freezer, reheat it in the microwave, oven, or toaster oven.

The pastry of the quiche pie tastes best warm, and the texture and flavor of the entire egg pie are always better when heated. 

What To Serve With Quiche For Breakfast?

Breakfast foods often include egg dishes, and therefore quiche is ideal.

You don’t want to serve other egg items unless it is very light dishes.

A variety of fruits, berries in specific, work deliciously alongside the quiche because it is fresh and light compared to the heavy heart eggs and cheese in the quiche. 

Meats also go well with quiche if you are someone that enjoys those proteins during breakfast.

Cold meats, sausages, bacon, and even ham or thin-cut steaks are excellent options.

Hot drinks and citrus juices are ideal, with quiche for breakfast. 

What Drinks To Serve With Quiche?

While you can enjoy any drink you desire with quiche, some pair better than others. Here are some drinks you can serve with quiche: 

Sparkling white wines: the white wines cut through the richness of the eggs and cheese in the quiche. 

Sparkling apple juice: Like wine, apple juice cuts through the richness and balances the flavor. 

Citrus-based juices: orange and grapefruit juices complement quiche, especially if they are freshly squeezed. 

Iced tea: any iced tea tends to break the flavor profile of quiche and balance it out. 

Coffee: coffee goes with most foods and is ideal for breakfast quiches. 

Hot tea: hot tea also pairs with any food and works well for breakfast quiches. 


Now that you have an extended list of what works well with quiche, you can choose your favorites and enjoy them with your next serving of quiche.

Remember to select your items according to the time and type of your meal to pair the best options.