Why Is My Portable Ice Maker Making A Loud Noise?

There is nothing worse than turning on your portable ice maker and it starts making a loud noise.

The issue is then you need to find where that noise is coming from.

Sometimes the source can be easily found, while other times it can be a bit more tricky.

This article will help you discover why your portable ice maker is making a loud noise.

Natural Portable Ice Makers Noises

You can buy some portable ice makers that are quieter than others, but most will make some kind of noise.

Sometimes putting a soft surface, either a tea towel or cloth under your portable ice maker can make a huge difference.

This is because there is less friction and vibrations occurring on hollow surfaces, which makes them sound louder.

Having the natural noise of a portable ice maker shouldn’t put you off from buying one.

You might hear a low humming sound while it is working at most.

Some companies have specifically tried to make quiet ice makers, as this is a complaint many customers have argued about.

In some cases you can deal with the noise, as portable ice makers have many advantages.

They are perfect if you have no freezer space. Also they are quicker at making ice cubes, in only around 10 minutes you could have ice cubes.

Alongside this, as it says in the name, they are portable so you can take it with you (as long as you have a portable generator).

You will see a portable ice maker in people’s kitchens on their countertops or hidden away in a cupboard.

They will make a bit of noise as they work, however if your portable ice maker starts making noises that it hasn’t made before or just louder than usual.

You either need to call a professional or check it out yourself. Below we have gone through some things to look out for when your ice maker starts making loud noises.

Loud Noises: Who Is The Culprit?

A lot of things that we use in the kitchen can be noisy, like blenders. However if your portable ice maker is making a loud noise, you might need to check it out.

When it comes to unwanted loud noises from your portable ice maker, there are four main culprits of who it could be. It could be the compressor, the condenser fan motor, drain pump or the recirculation pump.

It is quite easy to discover which one of these are the culprit and all are easily fixable.

Condenser Fan

If your condenser fan is making a loud noise.

You should turn your ice maker off and replace the condenser fan.

Drain Pump

If your drain pump is making a loud noise, then you need to turn the ice maker off and unplug it.

You may find some debris in the drain jump, if you find debris you should clean this out. That should then solve your noise problem.

However, after you unplug your ice maker and see that the drain pump is empty, this could mean that there is an issue with the motor.

You will have to most likely replace the drain pump, because the motor isn’t working properly.

Recirculation Pump

If the water level is low in the reservoir, then the recirculation pump can make a lot of noise.

This could be an issue with the water supply itself or a failed inlet water valve.

If you do notice that the water level is low in the reservoir, the first thing you should do is check the water supply.

You need to switch off and unplug your ice maker. Then you need to shut off the water supply valve.

After that, you need to disconnect the ice maker and water supply line from each other.

Place the end of the water supply line in some kind of container. You’ll then open the water supply cut off valve that you had originally shut.

You need to see if any water flows from the end of the water supply line.

If you don’t see any water flowing through the end of the line, then you will need to call a professional, such as a plumber.

You will need a plumber to fix the water supply line going to the ice maker.

However if you do see water flowing through, when you open the valve.

Then the issue is with the inlet valve, and this will have to be replaced.

The issue will be that the inlet valve isn’t opening, which then means that water isn’t being allowed to flow into the reservoir to fill it up.

On the other hand, if you notice that the recirculation jump is making a loud noise, yet the reservoir is full.

The issue could then be the recirculation pump itself and that will need to be replaced.

The fault is either that the motor is struggling to work properly or that the recirculation pump’s impeller has been damaged in some way.

Either way the pump will need to be replaced to stop the noise from occurring.


If your compressor is making a loud noise then you need to call out a technician.

Only a service technician should repair your ice maker, if there is a compressor fault as the refrigerant will need to be taken away to be repaired.

Also as portable ice makers are regulated by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), a techication needs to repair it to make sure it still fits in with all guidelines and regulations.

Final Thoughts

This article has given you the main culprits of what might be making your portable ice maker louder than usual.

There are a few things that could be causing the loud noises and sometimes it means that a motor or part isn’t working properly.

This could be due to wear and tear, as most ice machines last 4 to 5 years, with some lasting up to 10 years. However this does depend on how much it is used and the conditions it is kept in.

Sometimes parts stop working, and this means that the machine has to try to work even harder to make the ice. This then causes the ice maker to start making loud noises.

Once you know what is causing the loud noises from the suggestions we have made above. You can either replace the part yourself or call a technician to do it.

Depending on what kind of portable ice maker you have brought and if there is a warranty, you can phone up their customer service.

As long as you are still in your warranty period, you can phone up and talk to the customer services and they should be able to help you.

This could be sending someone out to look at the machine or sending you another ice maker in replacement. It’s always worth checking your warranty, when things go wrong.

You should now know what is causing the problem and why your portable ice machine is making such a loud noise.

However if you still aren’t sure then you should get in touch with a professional, as you don’t want to mess with the machine and make it worse.