Why Is My Samsung Ice Maker Not Dropping Ice?

If you’ve got an ice maker on your Samsung fridge, you’ve likely fallen in love with its convenience and ease of use. Ice whenever you want, at the touch of a button – it’s great!

You’ve always got a quick and easy way to add ice to a drink, and you don’t have to take space up inside the freezer with ice trays – in fact, you don’t even have to fill anything, as the water for the ice dispenser is piped in!

However, if your ice dispenser isn’t working as it should, then it might not drop the ice as you expect when you push the button. This can be a real annoyance – but it might well be a simple fix!

This handy guide will tell you what to check when your Samsung fridge wont drop ice, and give you a few simple tips on solving the problem. So, if you’re experiencing this problem, read on for more information!

Door Closed And Fridge Level

First of all, we’ll check some simple but common problems. Make sure, first of all, that the door to the fridge is completely shut.

This is because the ice maker won’t work unless the door is fully closed. Check to see if anything is blocking the door from shutting properly – rearrange the contents of your fridge if need be!

Also check around the edges and seals of the door and the fridge itself, just to make sure that there’s nothing getting in the way.

Make sure the fridge is level too, as this can also impede or stop the functionality of your ice maker.

If you need to, you can adjust the feet at the base of the unit to correct the height. For best results, use a spirit level to ensure that the fridge is leveled correctly.

Ice Maker On

Now that you’ve ensured that your fridge door is fully closed, and that your fridge is leveled properly, we’ll check some other things!

First of all -and this might sound really obvious, but it’s really common too – check to see if the ice maker is actually turned on! We’ve all made this sort of mistake – how many times have you walked around the house looking for the phone or keys that are in your hand?

So, while it might seem like such an obvious thing that it doesn’t need checking – check it anyway! It will barely take a second – and it could well be all you need to do to fix your problem!

And, if not, at least you’re 100% sure that you’ve checked the most obvious thing, and that further troubleshooting isn’t a waste of time!

After checking and making sure that the ice maker is turned on, the next thing to check is if ice is selected on the ice maker!

Again, this might seem like such an obvious thing, but it’s always worth making sure to check things like this – if it turns out to fix the issue, you won’t have wasted time chasing a solution that doesn’t exist!

Child Lock

After checking all of these steps, now it’s time to check the Child Lock feature on your Samsung fridge!

Child Lock is a great feature, as it can stop your little ones getting into accidents with your ice machine – and save you from having to clear up some messes!

However, as it’s designed to lock your kids out from using the ice machine, it’s no surprise that it can also do the same to you!

If your Child Lock is on, it could well be the reason why you can’t get any ice out of the ice maker!

It can stop you from being able to select which type of ice you want, or even prevent you from being able to get the fridge to dispense ice at all.

This is great for stopping your troublesome tykes from playing havoc with your ice maker, of course – but it could also be the reason why you’re unable to get any ice!

So, check to see if there’s a padlock display lit up on the panel of the ice maker. The padlock indicates that the Child Lock feature is enabled – so if you’re seeing this lit up, it means that your child lock is on! You’ll have to disable this to be able to use the ice dispenser.

If your Child Lock is enabled, then disable it – and you should be able to get ice on demand again!

If you’re unsure of how to do this, it’ll be in the manual. Simply check the user manual for your Samsung fridge to find out how to unlock your ice maker.

Clear The Bucket

If, after checking for all of the potential issues detailed above, you’re still not getting ice, there are a few more things that can be checked.

When the ice maker is working normally, it’ll dispense ice somewhere between 2 and 5 seconds after pressing the button.

This is the normal amount of time – it varies due to a few factors, including how much ice there is in the bucket.

If your ice bucket is full, or clogged with packed ice, then the ice dispenser won’t be able to give you any more ice! Clear the bucket out so that the ice maker can dispense some fresh ice.

Water Line Issues

As the ice maker on your Samsung fridge is fed by water from the main water supply, any interruptions or problems with the water supply to the fridge will mean there are issues with the ice dispenser!

Check the water line to make sure that it is connected properly, and not leaking.

Any connection issues such as this can be a cause of issues! Also make sure that the water supply to the fridge is turned on correctly at the valve, and that the pressure is at the right amount as recommended in the user manual for your Samsung fridge.

Also, ensure that there aren’t any kinks in the line. If the water line is kinked, this could not only stop the fridge from receiving water from the supply, and stop it making ice – it could also damage the water line itself! This could result in a nasty and expensive flood, so this is something that you need to ensure isn’t an issue!

Test And Reset Ice Maker

Finally, after checking all of these issues, there’s one more thing to do – reset the ice maker!

On your ice maker, there’s a test button. Most of the time, you’ll have to remove the bucket from your ice maker first, before you can see this button – so go ahead and take it out. Once you’ve located the test button, you can begin the reset procedure.

To reset the ice maker, press and hold the test button down until you hear a chime. This should take around 10 seconds.

Make sure that you keep the button pressed down for the whole time until you hear the chime!

This will test the ice maker – so you may wish to put the bucket back in order to catch the ice!

The ice maker will start to perform a self-test, which should take around 6 minutes.

During this cycle, you should hear ice dropping into the bucket. You should also hear water filling the ice maker from the inlet valve.

Once the test has completed, another chime will be heard. If there are any error codes displayed, it’s a possible indicator of a deeper problem, and you’ll have to consult the user manual, or contact Samsung or a licensed repair agent for help.

Once you’ve done a successful test, turn the power off to your fridge for 2 minutes, and then power the fridge back up.

Wait 24 hours for the ice maker to resume full normal working operation amounts.

You should make sure that you dispense some ice from the ice maker over this period, as if the bucket fills or piles up, the ice maker will cease production of ice again.


Hopefully, this guide has helped you learn how you can check and test the ice maker on your Samsung fridge – and if there were any issues with it dispensing ice, hopefully this guide has helped you fix them!